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Since 2016, we are developing our range for retailers with exciting and useful products. You’ll find handlebars, pedals and grips, light and sound (Dingdong!). Pumps and cleaners. And of course all the tools to maintain what you love.

We sell our products via bike shops.

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Our product categories:

Accordion Content

Bicycle grips are an important point of contact between the bike and the rider. VOXOM bike grips offer different materials, surfaces and diameters: the perfect blend of ergonomics, comfort and control for each hand. The grips fit comfortably in the hand. Ergonomically shaped, they support the palms of the hands and thus prevent buckling. Lock-On grips are easy to install and remain twist-proof due to the screw lock. The right choice for every purpose – from everyday riders to ambitious mountain bikers.

The right pedal for every application. Our wide range of bicycle pedals offers just that – from simple plastic pedals to high-quality CNC-machined touring pedals equipped with sealed industrial bearings. Different pedal shapes and various features such as replaceable pins, anti-slip coatings, ball, plain or industrial bearings, CrMo or Boron axles, SPD compatibility or a wide contact surface characterize the VOXOM bicycle pedal product range.

The VOXOM folding locks 90, 85, 75, the “Clipster”, the chain locks “Viking Light” and “Gold” and the “U-Lock” meet the highest safety standards. They are certainly the best choice against potential theft and violence. This includes, for example, drilling, pinching, sawing or freezing attacks, which are commonplace, especially in times of expensive e-bikes. The locks are tested and awarded by the British non-profit organization “Sold Secure”.

The German StVZO approved lighting from VOXOM ensures safety in road traffic with its bright LEDs. Modern in look and practical in operation. USB chargeable, bright and easy to use. Mounting and dismounting is mostly possible without tools, the lighting can be plugged and unplugged in no time. LED lighting is perfect for use on bicycles due to its high efficiency, energy-saving characteristics, bright and wide road illumination and its durability.

Relaxed and upright or active and performance-oriented: with our saddles everything is possible. A relief channel (Zone Cut / Zone Full Cut) in the center provides optimized pressure distribution, the flexible Arc Tec frame damping provides the necessary flexibility. High Density and Gel interior materials ensure a comfortable seating position. VOXOM bike saddles help to transfer your power directly to the pedal.

Clean gently with our bike cleaner in the convenient spray bottle. The VOXOM degreaser dissolves stubborn dirt on chains, rims, brake discs, etc. The organic chain oil “Bio” not only lubricates the chain, but also maintains, for example, shift cables. The bike polish “Matt und Glanz” provides the perfect finish – preserves, maintains and protects the frame and attachments. With the care and cleaning series, VOXOM offers the necessary products for fast and efficient everyday cleaning.

You have to be able to precisely dose your braking power at all times. The braking pad you are using is crucial for optimum braking force. Whether in dry or wet conditions, the braking pad must be reliable. This is true for rim and disc brake pads alike. VOXOM braking pads meet the respective requirement for the intended use.

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